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"Hi James, I recently read your write up about Blood Rock on Facebook, and got really excited about picking up the book, and I notice you have other Crusade books, which I would enjoy. I have been stymied, as I´m unable to buy your books for my Kindle in Canada. No matter how I try, or search, I´m blocked. Are you exclusive to Amazon.uk, as neither amazon.com nor .ca have your books listed, or have you considered ePub formats that are becoming the standard. I have both Kindle and Kobo, but sadly I can´t read your books on either. Very Sad."

Neill Orr

JJ reply: Really sorry to hear about that. I leave most of the technical stuff up to the publishers! But hope they will sort it all out. There are always hard copies, of course...

" I am about to begin Blood Rock and noticed reading the credits on the back pages you got Ernle Bradford´s name wrong as Brandford. No slur on the book, just giving credit to the author. thank you. "


JJ reply: Oops...These things happen. But thanks for pointing it out. Bradford´s book inspired me as a child and was a key element in persuading me to turn the subject into novel form. Hope you enjoy Blood Rock!

"I wondered if Pilgrim is about the 3rd Crusade? My 20th Grandfater removed fought in this crusade and was knighted by Richard the Lionheart for being instrumental in saving the King´s life. His name was Richard Quartermayne Fowler. "


JJ reply: I have just finished writing a thriller set against the backdrop of the Third Crusade. But Pilgrim is about the Children´s Crusade of 1212, which took place some forty years after the Lionheart failed to take Jerusalem. As a King, he always put himself in the firing line - there are accounts of him being peppered with arrows - and he escaped a number of ambushes from Saladin´s forces. I have put a number of characters in my books - including Hugh de Picton in Pilgrim - who are the knightly and crusading ancestors of friends of mine. Hope you enjoy the books.

James Jackson

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