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I would be delighted to receive your feedback and questions.

"You have the sense of history, and turn of phrase to extend the careers of Aubrey and Maturin, would you ever consider it? Please!"


JJ reply: Thanks for the compliment. At the end of the day, a writer probably has to stick with his own creations and historical period of choice. But if I´m asked...

"Just concluding Blood Rock - love it, congratulations, it is a great read; I like your style very much and am now a confirmed fan. Can´t wait to get Realm. My mother is Maltese and her family is from the heart of the St Angelo conflagration, but here is a small and very trivial question: Luqa´s hounds, are they the Pharaoh Hound, the maltese native kelb tal-fenek, or just nondescripts? "


JJ reply: Guy, delighted that Blood Rock hit the spot! Currently writing the third in the Christian Hardy series (after Realm), so pretty immersed. As to the hounds, I had nondescripts in mind really: always remembered those local breeds, but had in mind any old waifs and strays for that particular scene. It´s an Irish Terrier in Realm: so I´m a big dog fan.

"Did Benedict really die in Perdition or will we see him again?"

Robert (UK)

JJ reply: Sometimes a writer has to keep his options open or leave things to the imagination of the reader. So forgive me if I´m not too forthcoming! But I have recently finished the next Crusader-era thriller and begin another Christian Hardy (Elizabethan) one soon. As for Benedict...we´ll see.

James Jackson

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