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"Just coming to the end of Blood Rock. It does open one´s eyes to other areas of history and makes you realise how much history there is still to be learned. My question, as an avid book collector is why was Blood Rock not published as a Hardback. I´m not a book snob but paper backs do not take the wear and tear as well as handbacks, and I like to re-read my books many times. Keep the pen going. "

Mike (UK)

JJ reply: Thanks for both the thumbs-up and the question, Mike. True, there´s alot of hidden history yet to be uncovered - I´m doing my best! With ´Perdition´ covering the last stand of the Crusaders in the Holy Land in 1291, it neatly bookends the tale of the Military Orders with ´Blood Rock´. As to why the latter never appeared in hardback - ask the publishers! Seems strange, given that the large format version of the book sold over 15,000 copies. Luckily, the subsequent thrillers all appeared in hardback too. Maybe they learnt their lesson. All best.

"Please write a story about Roger De Flor, the information about him is amazing. I was absolutely enthralled with PERDITION. "

Colin (UK)

JJ reply: So pleased you enjoyed the book, Colin. Yes, it has to be said, De Flor was a vivid and remarkable character and a delight to feature in a historical novel. I´m currently working on another Crusader thriller, but I have every intention of returning to our adventurer friend! Thanks for your encouragement.

"Having somehow found time in between university lectures to read every single book written by Wilbur Smith, Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow etc., I am currently half way through Pilgrim and thoroughly enjoying it. Your use of language is very refreshing. Next in the pile is Blood Rock! "

Tom (London, UK)

JJ reply: Thanks so much Tom - most appreciated. Hope you´re reading between lectures and not during them. If you´re reading Pilgrim, you might like to know that the grandson of Otto of Alzey features in Perdition and Sergeant Hugh is reappearing in the Crusader thriller I am currently writing. Delighted that people still love history!

James Jackson

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