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I would be delighted to receive your feedback and questions.

"I´ve just read your WW2 thriller ´Endkampf´ on Kindle - superb! You seem to have covered many periods of history, from Crusader to the present day: do you have a favourite era?"

Martin (Nottingham, UK)

JJ reply: They all have their own particular challenges and fascination. In a sense Crusade is more distant from us and the trick is to make it appeal to modern sensibilities. WW2 is within living memory, so there´s a real need for accuracy. Ultimately though, I love the Elizabethans - it defined England and resonates to this day. I hope I have done justice to all of them!

"Have completed reading Realm, having previously read both Pilgrim and Blood Rock. All three are beautifully told stories that enrich with their historical details. I love your characters and found it fitting that we were given the Son of Christian Hardy in the latest offering. Perhaps the third generation will make an appearance in a third chapter set within the Seventieth - Eighteenth Centuries? Canīt wait to read the follow up to Pilgrim!"

James (London, UK)

JJ reply: Generous words - and very welcome! Iīm currently reading through the sequel to Pilgrim: so things are on their way (publication later in 2011). As to future generations of Christian Hardy: there is probably life in the present one for a while. Two of my WW2 thrillers will be made available exclusively on Kindle fairly soon: keep watching the website! Thanks again.

"Just (this morning) finished reading Realm, which was my most enjoyable read this year. A cracking story and extremely well written. Deliciously, and darkly, captures the spirit of Elizabethan England, with lots of parallels to contemporary religious conflict. Delighted to hear that Hardy will re-emerge, but in the meantime will have to content myself with reading your other books! When can we expect the next Hardy book please?"

Shawn (London, UK)

JJ reply: So pleased you enjoyed it. It means alot to hear back and to know Iīm getting it right! As to the next Hardy expedition, itīs rather up to the publishers! Weīre still deciding how to sequence the books - there are a few thrillers bubbling away. Will do my best. The next Crusader-era thriller due for publication later in 2011. Best wishes.

James Jackson

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