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"I am currently reading ´Realm´ and really enjoying it. The Elizabethan period seems to be very much in vogue with fiction writers at the moment but this is definitely one of the very best. Could it be the first in a series....please? "

Keith (Overington, UK)

JJ reply: Much appreciated, Keith - always nice to hear when someone enjoys one of the books! Actually. Realm itself is a kind of sequel to Blood Rock (in which Christian Hardy´s father appears). And yes, Christian Hardy will ride again: the follow-up to Realm is already planned. Finishing off another Crusader-era thriller at present - so there´ll be a bit of a wait! All best.

"Do you think your legal training was an advantage or a disadvantage in terms of your writing?"

Julian (Cheshire, UK)

JJ reply: Probably an advantage. Whether marshalling thoughts or presenting an argument - or just in terms of learning to put in long hours - the legal background had its uses. Once you have studied Rules of Evidence, writing 100,000 words or more does not seem such a challenge!

"Were there any thrillers or thriller-writers that particularly inspired you in your own writing?"

Mark (Bristol, UK)

JJ reply: I started my writing career with techno-thrillers, so the espionage stuff of the 1970s - Ludlum, Innes, Maclean etc - definitely had an impact. At school, we all read those thrillers with passports/playing cards/bullets on the front jacket. But the ones that really got me into writing were Frederick Forsyth (the real master of plot-lines) and Tom Clancy. These two changed forever the style and direction of the entire genre. Tough acts to follow. I am slso a great fan of John le Carre - few manage to evoke such tension with so little obvious movement. Another one to look up to.

James Jackson

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