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I would be delighted to receive your feedback and questions.

" I found Sergeant Hugh to be such a fascinating character in Pilgrim. Is he someone that you created or is he based on a real figure?"

Jason (Atlanta, USA)

JJ reply: Like most characters in fiction, he is a composite. I very much wanted him to be a ´typical´ English fighting man, recognisable down the centuries. I also wanted him to develop through the book, to go on his own journey and be a changed man at the end. He will be making an appearance in future Crusader-era thrillers!

"What attracted you specifically to the Children’s crusade, and will you re-visit the Crusades in future titles?"

Kristina (Leeds, UK)

JJ reply: It was a tale of such pathos and tragedy, and one that spoke volumes of the courage and stoicism of children, Pilgrim was an obvious choice for me. I hope I´ve done the kids justice. I will be starting on the next Crusader-era thriller at the start of 2010 (and, yes, the title will begin with the letter ´P´).

"James, I loved Blood Rock - I got seriously caught up in it and also felt I really learnt something about a place, time and people that I´d never considered. When is your next book due out, and will it reprise some of the characters from Blood Rock? "

Claire (Bath, UK)

JJ reply: Thanks for such tremendous support. Both Blood Rock and Pilgrim are what I would term ´hidden history´, taken from historical periods that are little studied or known about. That is where some of the greatest story-lines are to be found. And yes, a couple of the Blood Rock characters do make an appearance in the next book, Realm. It´s due out in 2010 and covers alot of the spying and hidden antics behind the Spanish Armada. I hope you enjoy it as much as its prequel!

James Jackson

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