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I would be delighted to receive your feedback and questions.

"Have you advice for anyone wishing to write a historical novel?"

Harry (London, UK)

JJ reply: Follow your instinct, apply yourself, and stick with it! In practical terms, you should prepare ahead, think of how you can carry a plot-line into a series, and find yourself an agent. Choose your historical period with care - it helps if you have a good basic knowledge - and ensure it is not already swamped with similar novels. It´s alot of work, but don´t be put off by rejection. My advice is always to enjoy the process of writing - being published is a great bonus. The best of luck.

"Your books are seriously epic and have the characters, colour and pace to make great movies. Any chance of them reaching the big screen?"

Chris (Oxford, UK)

JJ reply: Your guess is as good as mine. There is always talk about talk, and then more talk, but my main concern is to write thrillers people will read and enjoy. Anything with pace, tension and conflict, set against a large and vivid canvas, is probably going to have strongly visual and cinematic qualities. But my books would need pretty large budgets for their adaptation!

"In Pilgrim, you depict the Cathars as being capable of great violence. I always assumed they were pacifists. Which is the more accurate portrayal?"

Richard (Los Angeles, USA)

JJ reply: Whatever the creed, it was a violent age. Those who believe the Cathars were ´touchy-feely´ types should ponder this: if they were committed pacifists, why did it take 30 years to wipe them out in Crusade, and why did their fortresses have arrow-slits and murder-holes in their walls. These were not for decorative purposes.

James Jackson

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