James Jackson - author of the Best Selling Books Pilgrim & Blood Rock
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June 2010: Realm published in hardback. Available from Asda, WH Smith, WH Smith Travel, Waterstones, Amazon and other leading outlets.

May 2010: JJ posts ´A Writer´s Life´ essay on takimag.com.

April 2010: JJ travels to Syria. Sites visited include: Damascus, Hama, Krak des Chevaliers, Tartous, Arwad, Lattakia, Ugarit, Aleppo, Qalb Lozeh, Apamea, Serjilla, Rasafa, Palmyra, Bosra and locations around the Syrian Desert.

March 2010: JJ´s twin brother Julian to raise money for blind children by embarking on the John O´Groats to Land´s End July 2010 Charity Cycle Challenge. A great cause. Visit: www.1blind1blonde.com

February 2010: JJ posts ´History Ain´t Bunk´ essay on takimag.com.

December 2009: JJ begins writing the sequel to Pilgrim. Posts first two essays for Taki´s on-line magazine (takimag.com).

November 2009: JJ writes the Saturday feature essay for The Daily Mail (14 Nov).

November 2009: JJ travels to Israel to research locations for the Crusader-era sequels to Pilgrim. Sites visited include Haifa, Acre, Caesarea and Jerusalem.

June 2009: Pilgrim is launched in paperback on the 25th of the month. Available in Asda, WH Smith, WH Smith Travel, Waterstones, and other leading outlets.

May 2009: JJ completes the writing of Realm, Elizabethan sequel to Blood Rock. Due for publication in 2010.